Saturday, June 09, 2007

Comfort Food

After a difficult night in the kitchen on Wednesday I was ready for something easy and comforting. Thursday night I went with what is probably the most comforting recipe in my repertoire, Bolognese Pie. I made Bolognese Sauce a few weeks ago, so I had the extra sauce I needed for the pie in the freezer. I did however forget to thaw it in the fridge, so I had to thaw it in cool water, which too awhile. That aside, this was the easy recipe that it normally is. I have posted about Bolognese Pie on here before, having used it as a blog event entry. That time I adjusted the recipe, covering the top completely with the biscuit dough. This time I followed the original recipe, dropping the dough across the bolognese mixture. Josh was very happy to see this fresh out of the oven when he got home, since this is definitely one of his faves. We were both comforted after our long day.

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