Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dinner Tonight

So, you guys now how almost everything I make comes from my beloved Everyday Food magazine? Well I just found out that there is a new(ish) blog for the publication, called Dinner Tonight. Doesn't that just beat all? I would like a little more discussion about the recipes they are posting, but in general it's fun to peruse what they've got up so far and they seem to get something up almost every day. If you like Everyday Food as much as I do then maybe you should check it out!


Lindsey said...

Sweet! I did not know that.

Sun Rae said...

Oh I have to check that out. Everyday Food is the bees knees. At the start of every month I take out my stacks for said month from every year and peruse them vowing to only make the recipes I haven't made yet. Obsessive? Oh yeah.

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