Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wish Me Luck

I'm already clumsy as it is, but when I have a rough night in the kitchen it can really get me down. And last night I took a beating. Things seemed to go especially rough considering it was a repeat meal on the menu. I got home and began prepping to make Rigatoni with Sausage, Peppers, and Onions. What could go wrong, you ask? How about everything.

-While slicing onion on my mandolin some onion was flung into my eye! My EYE! And my hands were covered in onion juice, so I couldn't just react. I had to get a paper towel, carefully wipe the onion stuff from the corner of my eye, scrub my hands as I watched myself cry in the mirror, and finally be able to flush my eye.

-My sausages cooking away in olive oil decided nothing would be nicer than to open just ever so slightly at the ends, causing extra fat and grease to splatter all about. Grease is flying everywhere, and despite me using a pot lid as a shield I get a burn on my hand. Also, thanks to all the fat sputtering from the end of the sausage, there are burned splotches in my pan. I can't just plop my peppers and onions in there to cook, unless I was looking for a charred flavor. Which I wasn't. So I had to clean out the pan and start over with fresh olive oil.

-Boiling water? Check. Package of rigatoni? Check. LIVE BUGS IN THE BAG. CHECK!!! Oh by the hammer of Thor, there were live bugs in my bag of pasta. Live. Living. Well, most of them died as soon as they got dumped into the boiling water. In fact, I thought that they were dead, until I inspected the pasta bag I had already tossed in the trash and saw several still breathing, still moving specimens. Had to dump the pasta and clean the pot. Luckily, oh so luckily, I still had a half package of rigatoni from another recipe. Which I scrutinized well before using.

This recipe came out a little saucier than the last time, since there wasn't as much rigatoni, but it wasn't a detrimental issue. In fact, considering all the trouble I had, it's a wonder that the dish came out just as delicious as I remembered. At least there's some consolation in that.


Lynn said...


I feel your pain. I had a skillet in the oven and then put it on the burner of the stove to make a sauce and what did I do, but touch the handle. Ouch! Hope your burn feels better.


Crystal said...


Brooke said...

"Oh by the hammer of Thor" Bwahahaha! I'm sorry you had a rough night :( And bugs - EW!

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