Monday, October 26, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Grocery Budget- 3rd Week

Well, here it is- the last grocery week of the month for us. And this week we managed to keep the bill under $50 fairly easily. Even after two stores we hit total at $40.84. Although I realized I'll probably need to pick up some cat food sometime this week, so that will inch up a bit. We still have a little food leftover from the baby shower I hosted this weekend and once again a recipe carry-over from the week before. But I'm realizing that that meal might be put on hold again due to a change in plans for our upcoming weekend. Hmmmm. Anyway, in making this week's menu I relied on the rest of the Rosemary bread in the freezer, as well as some frozen bolognese sauce. This week also has two meals that use eggs, as I've been letting the eggs I buy go to waste lately and want to make sure I use up what I had to buy for some baby shower recipes. Relying on using up what we had and meals that use cheaper ingredients, some of which were on sale, I was able to plan a meal that I had to buy practically every ingredient for- the stuffed peppers. The most expensive ingredient for this recipe was the corn meal, which was a 5 pound bag and will last long beyond this one dinner. The rest of our shopping was comprised of our usual produce purchases, cereal, and Josh's favorite fig cookies. So, what are we eating this week?

-Rosemary French Toast w/ mushrooms & onions and salad
-Polenta-stuffed Poblanos w/ spicy black beans & tomatoes and salad
-Baked Eggs w/ mushrooms, onion & croutons and salad
-Bolognese Pie and salad

Think I'll postpone the manicotti (again). Josh and I decided that we haven't had enough together time lately so we plan to order pizza Friday night and get crumbs in the bed while we watch movies. :)

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