Friday, February 08, 2008

Pots of Comfort

Well, after getting back from NYC on Monday there wasn't a whole lot in the pantry and fridge for making dinners. I was however lucky enough to have some frozen chicken breasts, along with the rest of the ingredients for a chicken pot pie I was going to make a couple weeks ago, but didn't. I tossed the chicken in the fridge to thaw and last night was actually able to make us a real dinner. I've made this Kraft recipe for Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie before, but this time I decided to use my 10 oz. ramekins to make 4 individual pies. This worked really well except that I probably didn't vent my crusts well enough, cause they spilled over some. I anticipated that might happen and they were on a baking sheet, so no matter. Also, I could have added some more veggies. I had a big bag instead of a 10 oz. box, so I eyeballed it, and one of the pies ended up a little skimpy on the filling. To cut the crust to size I just pressed the upside-down ramekins onto the unrolled pie crust and cut the circles out. This way I even have a small ball of dough leftover that I'll probably make a couple of hand pies from this weekend. I was gonna do that last night too, but I was also trying to do laundry while cooking and all that multi-tasking was beginning to catch up with me. Anyway, this recipe is a great one to have because all the ingredients can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Maybe you've even got the ingredients in your kitchen right now! Get to cooking!

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