Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Local Farmer's Market

I know, I know- I've clearly been slacking on posts lately. But Thursday night I ate leftover Broccoli Spaghetti, then there was Chipotle Friday, and Saturday we had old school chicken tenders and mac & cheese. So as you can see there wasn't much worth elaborating on. Well, I could go on for hours about Chipotle, but I don't cook it, I just eat it.

Yesterday we stopped by our local farmer's market. Also known as the In-Law's backyard. I know that I have mentioned several times before about the goodies we have gotten, but recently I realized that the rewards I was reaping from their hard work deserved more attention. We stopped by to borrow the Pop-In-Law's truck to move some furniture and I started snapping some pics of the garden in all it's mid-day glory. In the spring there was plenty of greens and the like- romaine, spinach, broccoli, snap peas, carrots, cabage, etc. Early summer was marked by very large zucchini and squash. And now here we are in late summer, or mid-summer in Texas, and we have all these pretty things:

Bell Peppers- these are red ones, but they are growing yellow and green too.

Poblano Peppers- grown especially for chiles rellenos, mmmm

A basketful of okra, some of which are currently residing in my refrigerator and have an appointment with my skillet later this week.

An ear of sweet corn enjoying the summer sun. That's right, my pop-in-law is successfully growing corn in his suburban backyard.

And here's Josh beside the corn to give some perspective. Josh is 6'. I didn't measure the corn, but you get the idea.

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