Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cool Kitchen

Well, after trying to put together a menu that would work for Josh we pretty much scrapped everything. I just let Josh eat what he feels like eating, which is mostly crackers. And I've been noshing on a Middle Eastern Platter, so the kitchen has been pretty quiet this week. I did make dinner Monday, along with some cupcakes for my mom's birthday on Tuesday. But those were from a box mix that I had in the cupboard, so not anything to brag about. And we'll be going on a little trip this weekend to Galveston to visit my sister Nicci & her husband Bryan, and our friends Destiny & Will. So, the kitchen will be very still this weekend too.

And when I get back, the attempt to cook for Josh's new stomach will continue. No onions(!), no tomatoes(!), no citrus, no caffeine, no chocolate(!), no spicy foods(!)- I am in big trouble people. That covers about half, if not two-thirds, of my repertoire. I mean, when you try to eat half vegetarian meals onions and tomatoes suddenly become important, not to mention spiciness. Hopefully he'll be mended and can eat these things again, but in moderation. I can deal with moderation, I can handle moderation.

I'll try to post a recipe that I've been hanging onto before we hit the road early tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see my sis and friends!

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