Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Left Hands

Sometimes I feel like the biggest klutz in the world. Lately even the simplest things seem to take me HOURS to make. Last night round 2 of Orange Ricotta Pancakes was a huge hassle, bordering on a disaster. The first 3 pancakes into the pan weren't cooking at all. I don't know what these people at Everyday Food mean by saying large skillet, but when I put my largest skillet on the stove I imagine it should be enough. 3 tablespoons of oil? Are you people crazy? And at medium-low heat, how do you expect my pancakes to cook in 1/4" of oil. After completely dumping the first 3, along with all the dang oil, I started over. I turned the heat up to medium, and rubbed the pan with an oil soaked paper towel. I also set the kitchen timer, to help ensure that I didn't try to flip the pancakes too soon. I seem to do that often. That helped a great deal, but things were still annoying. And then I burned my left hand, which sucked. Once again, they tasted great, and some of them actually came out looking pretty good. But not pretty enough for a photograph, ha. I'm sure it will be another 2 months before I forget about what a pain they are, only remember how good they taste and decide to make them again.

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