Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holy Crap!

I've been linked! My first time to be added to anyone's blog list and it's on a totally awesome page to boot! If you haven't yet, you should definitely check out This Week For Dinner.... I have been finding so many great blogs lately, and this is definitely one of my new favorites. I love having somewhere to get ideas and compare weekly menus, and her photography is great too. But now that people might actually stumble across my page I've got to pick up the pace and make it more interesting. I've got a chili recipe coming up soon, and I've already printed off 3 or 4 recipes today to add to my growing list of stuff to try, so I promise to try and keep up my end up the bargain. Also there are WTSIM and Sugar High Friday events to try and particpate it, so that will help keep me busy. So, and big thanks to Jane Maynard at TWFD for the shout-out, and all the inspiration her blog provides!


Jane Maynard said...
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Jane Maynard said...


just saw this post! you're welcome for linking you! and thank YOU for all your nice words and for supporting my blog!

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