Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cooking Television

This morning's episode of Mexico One Plate At A Time was so the best episode I've seen thus far. Watching Rick Bayless and Jacques Pepin cooking together in Pepin's Yucatan kitchen, not quite tv studio worthy, was a true treat. It has offically outranked the ceviche episode.

And, I dare say I might actually make my own barbeque sauce after watching this morning's Real Simple. And the Orange-Ricotta Pancakes, which didn't appeal to me while perusing Everyday Food magazine, looked delicious when they made them in today's episode. I am very much a visual learner, so sometimes it takes a television show to open my mind. I heart PBS.


Jenny said...

I made Lemon-Ricotta pancakes like two weeks ago and then saw a recipe for Ricotta pancakes in Martha Stewart and just saw the Orange Ricotta pancake recipe on Real Simple. What's with the ricotta craze? The Lemony ones were incredible, BTW. I highly recommend them served with blueberries. I posted the recipe on my blog a few weeks ago if you want it. I have big plans to try the orange ones.

Holly said...

If it's from a Sedaris, it's gotta be good!

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