Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Trader Joe's Prepwork

I'm not gonna bother to do another "I'm back" post here. These days I just have to come and go as I please, and the going is lasting longer and longer. I'm cooking, I just don't have the time and energy to photograph, edit the photos, and write the blog posts.

However, I figured I had an important duty to my fellow Fort Worth friends. In just 9 short days our very first, very own Trader Joe's will be opening. As a long time food blog reader I have long been envious when I would see them using fantastic TJ products that I just couldn't get my hands on. I would read wonderful reviews of frozen goodies, cookies, marinades, and sauces, and all I could do was longingly sigh. Well, soon we sigh no more fellow Cowtown residents!

The past few weeks I've been spending some of my excessive online time looking around for Trader Joe's product recommendations. I thought I'd share some of what I've discovered here so we're not all blindly wandering into our new TJ's without at least a few items to keep our peepers peeled for.

First off, here are a couple of great lists of favorite Trader Joe products from a few trusted food bloggers:

Be sure to check the comments on those pages, because readers shared their favorites there as well. So, what am I going to be looking to check off my list on my inaugural TJ shopping trip? Here are a few things I'm hoping our new Trader Joe's will have in stock when they open their doors.
  • Frozen breaded eggplant patties
  • Packaged pre-cut Kale
  • Frozen Indian meals for Josh
  • Greek olive goat cheese
  • Frozen croissants and chocolate croissants
  • Jalapeno hummus
  • "Two Buck Chuck" (Note: I think it's more like three bucks these days, ha)
  • Falafel Chips
  • Heat & eat falafel
  • Soy chorizo
  • Vegetable pakoras
  • Dark chocolate covered peanut butter wafers
  • Frozen potato pancakes
  • Soyaki marinade
  • Frozen mandarin orange chicken
  • Toilet paper
Yes, I said toilet paper. According to the National Resources Defense Council Trader Joe's 100% recycled toilet paper is a recommended product, and I hear the price might even be better than what I've been paying for non-recycled tissue.

I'll see you guys in aisles soon!

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