Monday, June 02, 2008

Kitchen Filler

Right now I've only got one pic of food ready to post, but I don't have the recipe with me. And lots of stuff on my camera waiting to be uploaded. So here's a little filler post until I can get my stuff together. :) A couple weeks ago, inspired by this post on Black Eiffel, I used my Friday off to clean out and tidy my kitchen pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

In my pantry I try to make the best use of the space that I have. On some shelves I make use of the space at the back that I wouldn't be able to reach easily by keeping extraneous items like my pewter salad bowl, popcorn popper, cookie cutter tin- things I need on rare occasions. Top shelf is carbs- rices, pastas, panko and breadcrumbs. Bottom shelf of the upper cabinet is canned goods- beans, various tomato products, tuna, peanut butter, a few canned veggies. There are three shelves in the lower cabinet. The top is baking supplies- white whole wheat, all purpose, and cake flour, cornmeal, vegetable and canola oil, two types of molasses, vinegar, and baking powder. All sorts of mix-ins tucked under that little riser too- chocolate and peanut butter chips, coconut, walnuts, pecans, and almonds. Middle shelf holds bread and crackers, and some oats in the back too. And the bottom shelf which isn't really visible holds our chips and cereal- typically tortilla, pretzels, and generic honey & oat clusters.

Not much to look at here- fruit bars, ice cream sandwiches (which no longer exist), eggplant bolognese in the plastic, pan of vegetable enchiladas, trout fillets from the pop-in-law, and a couple boxes of frozen junk food.

Well, this picture was taken before the weekend shopping trip, so it looks a lot more sparse than it normally is. What is normally in our fridge after a trip to the stores? A lot of cheese- shredded mozzarella and crumbled feta for pizzas, shredded cheddar, a block of cheddar, and a block of pepper jack. Those are pretty much always in there. Spinach, mixture of lettuces, celery, carrots, zucchini, squash, onions, and green bell peppers for salads, pizzas, and cooking. Apples and grapes, hummus and pitas, salted and unsalted butter, eggs, and our Brita water dispenser. No more cow's milk, unless I need it for baking. We've moved on to soy milk. The door is just chocked full of condiments- yellow, dijon and spicy-hot mustards, ketchup, preserves, salad dressings, Josh's coffee creamer, jars of olives, cherries, and minced garlic, wheat germ, and that weird powdery grated parmesan that Josh loves.

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Emily said...

I saw that post. I might be inspired to do just that the next time I get home from the grocery store. Right now it reminds me of that line from Fight Club... "How Embarrassing....a refrigerator full of condiments and No Food..."

I finally got In Defense of Food from the library. I'll let you know when I start it.

ps - I saw th kirtsy tag. That's such a cute site!

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