Monday, January 07, 2008

Easy Weekend Eats

With all the holiday hubbub we hadn't done it in awhile, but this weekend we returned to one of our favorite fast dinner fixes- pizza. Hopefully someday I'll get the knack of bread dough. But until that day I just cheat and use the Pillsbury kind. Maybe I'll check the freezer section at Central Market next time I'm there for something a bit snazzier. Anyway, the Pillsbury dough is what makes this dinner so darn fast. Josh is in charge of greasing the cookie sheet and pressing the dough out, while I get all our toppings ready to go. We always have green olives- always. I love green pepper, and if I have any surplus onion sitting around I'll use that too. Lately we've been crazy about pepperoni, not a big surprise, but sometimes we do chicken or go without meat altogether. Once I've got all our individual topping preferences laid out on each of our pizza halves I top the whole thing with a layer of raw spinach leaves, a sprinkling of feta, and finish it off with mozzarella. It's only 6 minutes in the oven once the toppings are added and we're ready to chow down. Josh likes to top his slices with Parmesan before chomping them up. I prefer the occasional dash of red pepper flakes. A tasty dinner, perfect for easy relaxed movie nights. And we get to make it together, which I definitely consider a bonus.

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