Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Pictures :(

I very regrettably forgot to take my camera with me for our Christmas dinner at the Pop-in-law's last night. I wish I had pictures of the totally awesome and delicious pheasant and duck kabobs we had. So good, tender bites of meat skewered with bell pepper and onion chunks, fresh from their garden, and wrapped up in always-awesome bacon. Oh, for the love of flavor, why did I forget my camera and why am I not eating more of those kabobs right now. Hunting season is far from over, so hopefully I can look forward to some more before too long. I just had to mention them because it was such an enjoyable departure from the typical turkey or ham. We more or less noshed through the evening, also enjoying some barbecue meatballs, spanikopita, veggie and cheese assortment, delicious mississippi mud cake, pound cake, and brownies. I love grazing. :)

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Count Joshula said...

mmmmmmmmm kabobs

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