Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Running Behind

This week hasn't turned out exactly as I planned. I had to empty the kitchen cabinets for the pest control to come by for the yearly treatment. And then I had to put it all back. I've got everything back in order except for the pantry, which I will probably procrastinate on until Friday. It's put a bit of a crimp in my cooking plans. But I'll be trying out two new recipes this weekend, so I'll have something more entertaining to post about than my dishes. They're pretty though, aren't they. I like nice clean, crisp white dinnerware.


Terry B said...

Just found your charming blog. I'm assuming the name is a nod to Woody's Small Time Crooks, a very fun film.

I agree with you about white dinnerware. There's something so crisp and fresh about it, no matter what you're serving.

Jessica said...

Right you are Terry, love me some Woody Allen. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you'll come back once I've actually got some yummy foods up!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. :)

Just wanted to say a quick hi from a fellow Bob Dylan lovin', music geekin', arrested development junkie! :)

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