Friday, June 29, 2007

Catch-up and Weekend Plans

Well, this week I was forced into some simplistic cooking. I hadn't gotten all the ingredients I needed for one meal, and the heavy rains made it darn near impossible to get to the store. So I had to shuffle some recipes around and come up with some quick substitutes. Wednesday night I didn't have anything planned since the weather caused such upheaval, so I threw together a super fast, super easy, and definitely not all that healthy meal. I have a myriad of boxed products in the pantry, remnants from the days that dinner equaled some meat on the foreman grill, a canned veg in the microwave, and either another veg or one of those boxes. Now, while these meals weren't anything impressive, they were incredibly fast. Often times all I needed was 10 minutes and we'd be ready to eat. I have to say that sometimes I wish things were still that easy, and I got my wish Wednesday night. I had half a package of turkey sausage leftover from the jambalaya I made Monday evening. I heated that through and served it with canned green beans, canned corn, and instant mashed potatoes. Yes, I said instant. Confession time: I have so much trouble peeling potatoes that I used to buy instant all the time. Now I just keep the skins on them and pretend I do it solely for nutrition, ha.

Last night I was going to heat up some vegetable marinara I had pulled from the freezer the day before. For whatever reason though, all day long I kept thinking about buttery, garlicky, spaghetti totally sans sauce. When I got home and peered at the watery looking sauce that came forth from the fridge, I knew I wanted it even less. So, I opted to melt 4 tablespoons butter in a saucepan, and heat 2 pressed cloves of garlic with plenty of cracked black pepper. It was so yummy, not to mention incredibly cheap! I used my .25 cent package of made-in-Mexico spaghetti, and I'm not gonna bother to do the math on how much half a stick of butter and 2 garlic cloves cost, but I'm pretty darn sure it's not much.

This weekend I've got lots of plans. I'll be grocery shopping after work and I'm hoping to toss together a pizza tonight before Josh runs off to band practice and I work on organizing the pantry. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to try out a recipe from a blog I just found this week. Saturday night we've got a dinner date with Steph and Rodney. Steph and I are going to go shopping for our ingredients and cook together, and the boys of course will do the dishes! Lastly I am really hoping to find time to make some granola on Sunday. I hope my weekend is as productive as I'm making it sound. And I hope you guys have a great weekend too!

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