Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cooking Television

Well, since I'm just now posting on Tuesday, you can guess that I didn't have quite the weekend I was expecting. We overslept by an obscene amount on Saturday, but I had set my Saturday morning shows to record, with the exception of Everyday Food, assuming I would be up by then. I told you it was obscene how late we slept! So, I missed Everyday Food. Did anyone else catch it? Anything good? I'll look up the episode info in a bit. Since I've been a fan of the magazine for awhile I'm hoping it was just recipes I'm already familiar with.

This week's Real Simple had a meal that looked great for the warm weather that will be headed our way (did I mention that it snowed here on Saturday...in Texas!). Their preparation of Panzanella looked delicious. A nice no-cook meal is always a good idea on hot summer nights. I can definitely see myself entertaining with this one, since using the oven can cause an uncomfortable temperature increase in the dining nook directly adjacent.

Saturday's episode of Mexico- One Plate At A Time was all about tamales. I have never made tamales, and living in Texas, I am more familiar with the corn husk variety. But Rick made his tamales the Yucatan way, with banana leaves. I don't know that this is something I'll be trying anytime soon, but this show was highly informative. As I'm fairly new to the show it was the first time I got to watch Rick at action in one of his real-life restaurant kitchens too.

I'm in the process of trying to get my Easter post together, as well as one for dinner from last night. I missed work yesterday thanks to this cold weather making my FM flare up, but I'm better today, and will hopefully be even better tomorrow. I've got several blog events coming up, which will mean quite a lot of posts, hopefully. And I can guarantee that I won't have such a late start next Saturday!

If you haven't yet, head on over to This Week For Dinner and share your menu with everyone!

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